High-quality polyurethane and co-polymer films, developed and manufactured in Germany - this is what Gerlinger Industries is standing for. In connection with numerous manufacturing options such as cutting, coating or laminating, we have been successfully addressing the challenge of offering our customers a integrated and value-adding solution for several years.

Technical films · TPU +

Thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU) cover a wide range of requirements. From outstanding mechanical properties to excellent resistance to environmental influences.

Tapes +

Heat-activatable seam-sealing or hot-melt adhesive tapes serve to seal seams or to seamlessly bond films, fabrics and breathable membranes.

Hotmelt adhesives · TPU +

TPU-based hot melt adhesives (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) are mainly used in applications where they can demonstrate their excellent mechanical properties. Due to the large selection of activation temperatures, an intelligent embedding into the further processing environment is possible.

Hotmelt adhesives • Co-polymers +

Hot melt adhesive films from Gerlinger Industries are available based on CoPolyamide (CoPA), CoPolyester (CoPES) and on polyolefins (PO). Activation temperatures from 70 ° C up to 185 ° C and the compatibility with a large number of additional substrates allows us to meet every requirement

High performance films

Through many years of our own research and development, we have developed a large number of high-performance film products, with which we meet the challenges of our customers every day.

Whether a polyurethane film with an extraordinary thickness (25 μm - 1000 μm) or a hot melt film for process-safe and precise bonding of numerous substrates - our passion for technical films is the right answer for demanding applications.