Perfection in surface and function

Extrusion of single or multilayer films at Gerlinger Industries

Our extrusion line is suitable for very thin and tear-resistant films from 25 μm (eg for medical applications) as well as mechanically extremely resilient films up to 1000 μm.

By means of the co-extrusion process, we can simultaneously extrude up to five different film layers. As a result, we are able to produce technical film systems that can be intelligently integrated into the product of our customers and at the same time ensure maximum stability in production.

By using a matting tool or a matting support, the films can be provided with a flexibly adjustable matting degree on one or both sides. Mechanical stresses due to friction can be minimized during subsequent application.

Reproducable and process-safe parameters, an inline corona pre-treatment, infrared heaters, thermo-oil-heated rollers as well as fully automated layer thickness control with documentation round off the performance of the extrusion line. They also allow permanent control and guarantee the highest quality.

The extrusion of technical films - our core technology - is perfected by a wide range of possibilities for further processing and coating for individual customer requirements.

Processing the granules into the film

Through an extruder, which feeds the granulate into its screw and plasticises (melts) by means of heat and shear, the forming takes place in a liquid mass. This is subsequently discharged through an elongated slot (flat film), the melt then subsequently cooling and solidifying into a film.