Multi-layer compound of different materials

Lamination means to combine two or more layers into a new overall structure. Our technical films are safely bonded to the customer material by this process or integrated into a multilayer compound.

A surface pretreatment (corona treatment) is just as obvious as additional feeding stations for the introduction of additional covering materials or the changing of carrier substrates (relining). Extensive laboratory and testing equipment ensure production-accompanying quality monitoring and optimum product quality.

The joining together of different materials can take place by different techniques and using suitable adhesive systems. Requirements like dry cleaning, cooking water resistance or breathability are taken into account depending on the end use.

Modern lamination systems

Gerlinger Industries has all modern laminating systems like

  • Flatbed lamination
  • Thermoplastic hotmelts
    in a punctiform roll application or full-surface reactive, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive
  • PSA adhesive system (pressure sensitive adhesives)
    in a roller application
  • Hotmelt nonwoven
    in the direct spraying process or in the supply of finished fabrics or webs.

With the possibility of numerous coating systems, the lamination forms a reliable and flexible overall concept for solving specific customer requirements.