Post-processing according to your needs

In downstream processing stages, polyurethane films can be cut or reworked from their original broadcloth into the narrower widths that the customer requires. This can involve various techniques such as reverse-roller cutting, parting, cut-outs or laser cutting.

Other refining stages deliver the customer pieces finished with prints or custom formats directly from a database.

In rewind cutting, the material is cut to the desired tape width, or it is cut out (cutters) in any definded form, and cuts are made to prepare for the next processing step.

Furthermore, polyurethane and copolymer films may be joined using a textile and thermoplastic hotmelt or by reactive, humidity-curing adhesives. » Lamination

In products such as surface skinning of foams or breathable membrane films for clothing fabrics and shoes, the films may be joined by point coating or a flatbed lamination system.


  • imprinting
  • cut-outs
  • relining/rewinding
  • slitting
  • laser-cutting
  • cutters on large systems
  • laminating
  • adding self-adhesive

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