Various possibilities for different carrier films

The coating of substrates such as films, breathable membranes and textiles forms a competence area, which we have devoted to in its entire depth for many years. Various possibilities are available to us.

Due to the possibility of direct coating, materials can be fed directly to the film at the extrusion line. By means of precise control of the material guidance and control of railway trains, the coating of sensitive and elastic materials such as velours, knitted fabric, non-woven fabric and thin films is also possible. Due to the coating in the direct extrusion, later processing steps and thus time and costs are saved. The adhesion result can be optimized by a corona pretreatment.

PSA adhesive systems

By means of the rotary screen printing, many of our films can be equipped with a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives) system. The roller application is also possible in a full-surface or punctiform manner.

Transfer coating

Breathable membranes can also be coated with a hotmelt adhesive by a transfer coating. The punctiform roller application retains a large part of the usual breathing activity. The experience with different raw materials, resulting from working with a variety of different hotmelt adhesives, gives us all the freedom to put customer requirements (washability, cleaning resistance, wear comfort, etc.) in the center.

Do you have a material that you would like to have coated with the highest quality standards? We also act as a service provider and coat your materials in subcontracted work.

We are at your disposal for sampling and technical application advice and look forward to your contact.