Automotive & Lordosis

Within the possible applications in the automotive sector, Gerlinger Industries specialises in seam sealing of automotive interiors, textile or imitation leather lamination and the manufacture and assembly of lordosis systems.

Through strict quality management, we meet common standard requirements such as batch traceability. For many years, Gerlinger Industries has been providing renowned automobile manufacturers or their suppliers with consistently high and consistently stable quality. We look forward to actively contributing this quality to new, future projects as well.

Seam sealing for

Automotive applications

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of hot melt adhesive tapes and seam sealing tapes or seam support tapes.

The innovative combination of hot-melt adhesive film and fabric carriers such as velour guarantees maximum functionality.

Areas of application:

  • Sealing of side fittings
  • Sealing of seat covers before subsequent backfoaming/spraying
  • Edging tapes for luggage catching nets
  • Sun blinds in the car
  • Reinforcing seams in technical textiles

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Fleece with hotmelt for A-/B-/C-columns

An individual non-woven material is coated with a thin film. Suitable process parameters are used to ensure that the film does not bleed through the nonwoven. The composite can then be laminated onto any substrate.

Back coating of fabrics and imitation leather

Fabrics and artificial leathers can be equipped with a stable film backing either by direct extrusion or lamination.

The film gives the textile stability and prevents damage or penetration through the textile or artificial leather during further process steps (such as backfoaming).

Headliner wrapping / Convertible roofs

Special, hydrolysis-resistant hot-melt adhesive films are another area of expertise at Gerlinger Industries. When bonding headliner fabric, the hotmelt adhesive optimally penetrates the fabric structure, resulting in excellent anchoring of the two fabric layers.

When subjected to mechanical stress and constant buckling, the strength of the hot-melt adhesive film remains unaffected.

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and massage systems

Today, sophisticated lumbar bladders and seat systems in backrests for orthopaedically correct back posture are used to maintain health when sitting. The focus is on relieving the five lumbar vertebrae.

The lumbar spine systems are supplemented by cushions with additional massage function and improvement of lateral support on the seat and backrest. Further areas of application are inflatable cushions, pads and body supports in the areas of rehabilitation technology, orthopaedics, hospital and nursing services.

Our polyurethane films are highly customised to modern lordosis systems. A film thickness between 350 and 500 µm guarantees lasting mechanical resistance and tear strength, even under permanent use.

A matt finish on one or both sides supports the durability of the product and minimises noise for maximum user-friendliness.

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Individual applications

individual foils

Our specialists look forward to hearing from you - we are guaranteed to have empirical values with your or a very similar application!